From a Non-Believer to a Believer…

28 Feb

Don’t worry I’m not talking about my joining some sort of cult or whatever might be assumed from a statement like that! I am referring to how we found our awesome new lifestyle and home for the next few months.

Long story short, we were living in a one bedroom apartment in a very nice neighbourhood which we loved. The building was a bit older and apparently not very sound proof. So after a few conversations with the landlord about night noises, jam sessions, etc. we felt like we had to tip toe around.

During this tip toe time period we went out of town for a hike. We loved the area we were out hiking in and I decided for shits and giggles to check out Craigslist and see what would be available in the area. Not twenty minutes prior had there been a post for this beautiful little vacation home in the most peaceful and stunning valley. I browsed a few more pictures and then was struck by a picture of a cuckoo clock. The day before, for some random reason, I was thinking about how I would love a cuckoo clock in my home – weird I know (we now think it would be an awesome accessory for a drinking party…). In the same picture were pictures of animals which I also adored.

Beautiful kitchen cuckoo clock, animal paintings and all!

On the top floor was an unbelievable office that looked out over a field towards a bay with snow capped mountains in the distance. Off the office a picture of a deck with a hot tub…wtf?!?! Was this for real. Oh wait – did I mention the unreal kitchen?!

"The Office" - all we need is Dwight!

It basically had everything that we could have wanted – creative space for both of us, beautiful colours, lots of light, amazing setting and nice furnishing. Most of all we could tell right away that it was built and maintained with a lot of love. We called right away – were the first who did and we moved in a few weeks later after a bit of hectic move (which included changing our apartment back to a white walled institution which killed us a little inside!).

Turning the apartment back to "institutional white" - a good lesson in detaching

So how do I like it? Amazing. The best part is we got rid of a ton of stuff and can now make this our way of life. Moving in to a place that is set up and ready to go saves so much hassle and although I thought it might be weird to live in a place with other people’s stuff it really isn’t. I think the key is simple – pick a place that jives well with what you like and you will feel very much at home right away!

So non-believer to believer what was that all about? Well I guess this was the final bit of proof I needed (I am a scientist so I like to see evidence!) to really start to trust the Law of Attraction. Everything that we could have possibly intended showed up just like that. It was utterly amazing to me as a pretty big skeptic of anything I considered remotely airy fairy. It makes so much sense though when I boil it down – what you think about most is what creates your reality. So there is your choice – do you think about things that you want and attract them into your life? Or do you just think about everything you don’t want and deny yourself what you do want? I don’t want to ramble too much more in this first post but I’m sure snippets of this will come up in other posts as I figure it out more for myself.

So here for four months, I know some amazing things will come out of this kitchen and I will share recipes and adventures with you! Who knows what’s next? A total change of pace with a short term move to New York? A few more months of country living then a summer cross country motorbike trip? Whatever it may be I know it will be pretty damn amazing : )


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