Simple Strawberry Snaps

2 Mar

These are unbelievably tasty, simple and elegant! Created during one of our snack dinner nights (post about these coming soon). This flavourful dessert is super easy to make, perfect for a night when you’d rather not spend a bunch of time prepping and have lots of energy left for your favourite after dinner activities.

3 things you need:

1. Some sort of thin ginger cookie (Anna’s worked well for us)

2. Strawberries – sliced

3. Soft goat cheese (we found a honey vanilla flavour by Woolrich Dairy that was perfect)

So easy to make and they look pretty spectacular!

A few tips:

If you put the cheese in the microwave for just a few seconds it makes it much easier to spread or just leave out of the fridge for a few minutes before spreading. If you like a softer cookie assemble and leave out for a half hour and the cookie will soften.


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