7 Mar

Monday. Here we go. Did most of the prep yesterday as today’s meals needed some dehydrating to complete.

Breakfast was super easy to make. I made a slight change to the Brazil Nut-Banana Pancakes – instead of using Brazil nuts I used almonds as I forgot to pick up Brazils! I didn’t add any water either. It called for a cup of water but it didn’t seem to need it.

Prep'd pancakes ready for dehydrating

The Eggplant Bacon I made according to the recipe but ending up dehydrating it a bit longer than the recipe called for (probably because my dehydrator is a bit ghetto).

Eggplant Bacon on its way to dehydration

So that’s what it looked like on Sunday….here’s what the finished product looked like today:

First official raw breakfast

I topped the pancakes with a bit of leftover fruit salad from the weekend.

Thoughts on breakfast:

We both enjoyed it!
Eggplant bacon tastes nothing like bacon (surprise, surprise) but was actually quite tasty. Might try seasoning differently in the future.
The pancakes were delicious but definitely needed some kind of fruit on top to make it a bit more interesting.

Lunch was also prepared the day before as the Hemp Sun Burgers needed time to vacation in the dehydrator.
Very easy to assemble!

I made a few changes to the recipe. I added some extra seasoning (garlic powder and poultry seasoning) to give it a bit more flavour. I didn’t have any hemp seeds so I substituted with ground up almonds. It called for 1/2 cup of water but I only seemed to need about 1/4 cup to make it sticky enough to form patties.

It doesn’t look too much different but here’s the ‘after’ photo:

The UnHemp Sun Burgers...not that I have anything against hemp...just none in the cupboards : )

Thoughts on lunch:

Delish! Filling and lots of flavour – definitely a make again.

For dinner we tried the two different types of sushi – Mango-Macadamia Nut Maki and Marinated Shiitake Mushroom Rolls.

My attempt at maki...need a bit more practice! But still oh so tasty!!

Thoughts on dinner:

Both were fabulous and the sushi ‘rice’ made from turnips and cashews was pretty damn tasty! All the tastiness of sushi without that gluey rice feeling. Relatively easy to make I just really need to work on my maki rolling skills!! No harder to do than with rice though so there’s hope.

All in all a fabulous start to the week. I went for a spin class this afternoon and had a ton of energy…best workout in a while – still not sure if that was due to the fact I was angry at the world this afternoon or the food switch…


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