Day 2 Raw

9 Mar

Another day of recipes from Ani Phyo’s cookbook Raw Food Essentials. Today we started off with the Spinach, Mushroom and Thyme Scramble and a little cup of fruit salad with mint leaves. While I was getting things prepared I found this curious creature outside the window – I love it out here!!!

He looked interested in our breakfast too

Breakfast was surprisingly easy to put together and really didn’t take any longer than I normally spend prepping our first meal of the day.

The beautiful breakfast the woodpecker was eyeing up

Then it was off to the Brentwood Bay Spa, a beautiful westcoast spa experience, for a much needed birthday treat for my co-adventurer. We both agree that a little TLC can go a LONG way…it’s too bad that our health care system isn’t based more on regular maintenance than last minute serious intervention. Hopefully we can create a system where alternative therapies, proper nutrition, exercise and happiness are key components. Either way after having gone through a serious back surgery that is how I chose to run my personal medical system.

Lunch was supposed to be a Thai inspired meal…but we had so much leftover from last night we recreated it into a sushi salad. I keep forgetting that these recipes are to feed four…not two!

His and her's sushi salads and leftover sushi for lunch

Dinner had a quasi-Mexican theme to it. I made the Nachos from Ani’s cookbook and the South of the Border Wraps. The chipotle cheese was the only thing I modified I made it with 2/3 c. cashews, 2/3 c. almonds, 1/3 c. sunflower seeds, 1/3 c. pumpkin seeds. I also only made one batch even though both recipes called for the cheese. It made plenty for both the nachos and wraps!

South of the Border Wraps from Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials - super simple and delicious!

My partner in crime said that he preferred these wraps to corn or flour tortillas by far – so we’ll definitely have to try other variations with vegetable wrappers.

mmmm Nachos - super filling you don't need too many!

Nachos were also super tasty I would probably add a bit more spice to the cheese to heat it up a bit but other than that fabulous. The ground up walnuts did a decent job of impersonating taco meat.

So after that we were stuffed and decided to go for a leisurely swim at our favourite pool…it has an otter pool it’s super sweet : )

Then home for birthday cake and celebrations. I made the almond orange cake also from Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Essentials. The cake was probably easier to make than a traditional baked cake. It looked great and had lots of flavour. The cake on its own probably would have been a bit boring so dressing it up with oranges and powdered coconut was perfect.

Ani Phyo's Almond Orange Cake our first raw food birthday cake!

Again I made a ton of food (I’m not used to following recipes, usually I just cook how much we will eat each night) and I am going to scrap tomorrow’s lunch again and just eat dinner leftovers.


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