Raw Thoughts

9 Mar

Some quick thoughts on the raw so far before I head out to practice on my bike:

1. Super delicious

2. Taste buds appear more sensitive (or maybe I’m just crazy…) experiencing more flavour when eating

3. Super filling – don’t need to eat as much because the food isn’t empty and devoid of things you need to build your body

4. Relatively easy to prepare – some things need a bit of preplanning with the dehydration factor but lots of quick eat and go options as well

5. Doesn’t appear to be any more expensive – I haven’t sat down to figure out exactly what I’ve spent this week but it definitely is close to what I normally spend on groceries (it’s such a myth that eating well is expensive, but I guess it just depends on your priorities)

6. Meal planning – great to keep you on track and have the ability to prep stuff ahead. Not so good for when you aren’t in the mood for certain things or just aren’t that hungry! Like this morning…we were supposed to have raw oatmeal and finish up the scramble but all we wanted was a bit of green smoothie. I think having flexibility is super important…depending on the day your body will let you know what you need. However one other good thing about meal planning was the fact that when I was getting hungry I knew that a great meal was on the way and I wasn’t tempted to eat some crappy snack.

Alrighty…time to conquer the bike.


One Response to “Raw Thoughts”

  1. Sarcy February 13, 2013 at 4:19 am #

    Enoeite oti kapoies drseias 8a pesoun sto vronto. Alla i poli doulia exei ginei me anesi borei na perasei enas Atenistas na riksei 2 kotsania molohas pou pianoun me to tipota antexoun exoun kai xroma. Malon to lefko eftege giati oi MOV oxi mono antexoun alla tis peripoiounte kiolas!!! Prepei oi Atenistas na apoktisoun xromatiki aftotita na fenete oti einai doulia ΩΡΑΙΩΝ an8ropon:-)

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