Hump Day’s Raw Events

10 Mar

So mid week raw yesterday and still feeling great. Woke up not particularly hungry so decided to scrap the planned meal and just make a green smoothie. It totally hit the spot. The lunch that was planned was also scrapped because there was so much left over from the night before! The nachos were still super tasty on the second day as were the wraps. I just left the ingredients unassembled until lunch so they didn’t go soggy!

Went for my hard spin class of the week and had the strongest workout I’ve had in a while – go go gadget energy from good food! Love it.

Ok so dinner I actually made something from the menu Raw Pizza from Rawmazing:

My modified version of raw pizza from Rawmazing

So so good! The recipe looked a bit intimidating but it was actually very simple to prepare. I didn’t preplan enough time to sprout the buckwheat so I made a tomato based crust from Ani Phyo’s cook book. I would love to try it again with the buckwheat though.

The marinated mushrooms and onions are fantastic! Like jizz in your pants good. I used portabella mushrooms which were very flavorful.

The marinara sauce I also modified a bit as I didn’t have sundried tomatoes on hand so I just used fresh tomatoes instead and threw in a orange pepper as well. With the moisture from the tomatoes I didn’t need to add any water.

The spinach walnut pesto blew my mind! Super easy to put together and very tasty. The cashew cheese was also great. I didn’t actually soak my cashews (again my timing was off) but added just a bit of water so they would blend better.

Oh yeah and I don’t have a food processor yet so I did it all in my blender (that’s why the pesto isn’t fully pesto like)….so I know it would be even better if I had the right equipment! Again we have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and maybe then some!


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