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Epic Potato Salad (aka Fatty Fat Potato Salad)

25 Apr

As you can deduce from the title this is NOT a healthy recipe – but it is epic!
Put together by my partner in crime and his good friend this potato salad is amazing and easy to make.

This recipe makes great use of Hawkins Cheezies (a favourite with Canadians and Angelina Jolie).

I think she would enjoy our potato salad too!

What you will need:

-white and red little potatoes
-olive oil
-seasoning for potatoes (oregano, thyme, paprika)
– red onion
– a little bit of maple syrup
– sweet pickle mix
– Hawkins cheezies
– green onion
– mayo
– optional: hard boiled eggs, bacon (we didn’t put this in but thought it would be a nice addition)

How to put it together:

1. Thickly slice the potatoes – coat with olive oil and toss with seasoning.
2. Wrap seasoned potatoes in foil and roast on the BBQ until cooked but slightly firm.
3. Chop onion and sauté in olive oil and maple syrup until caramelized.
4. Chop up sweet pickle mix (the one with the little onions, pickles and cauliflower).
5. Chop Hawkins Cheezies.
6. Chop green onion.
7. Put potatoes and all other ingredients in a large bowl and mix. Add mayo.
8. Mix up, chow down and have your defibrillator ready.


Passed the Motorcycle Skills Test…

15 Apr

Which is great because I can now go out and ride on my own! I very much look forward to some more practice and hopefully some nice sunny days!!

So if you are curious about the MST it really isn’t that bad, especially with a small maneuverable bike. I did practice a fair bit too, I really want to make sure my basic skills are solid for safe riding. A few people at the test looked like they were having a bit of difficulty but they had much larger bikes.

So here is a brief run down of the MST that I had – there was nothing unexpected and the examiner explained everything really well.

Part A

Go go gadget paint skills!

I will try to explain using my crappy Paint drawings.
So you pull up to the first set of cones on the bottom right. They get you to run through with them where all the controls are and they check your lights. From here they get you to come off the bike and push it in a straight line (A). You then stop at the end cones, crank your handle bar all the way to the left and push it forward (make sure you keep it as upright as possible) so they can measure the turning radius (B). Then you get back on the bike and ride back to the same starting point (C).

Part B

Slow speed, turn and slalom

Once again starting at the bottom right cones they had me complete a slow straight line and then stop at the two end cones (A). From here they wanted a turn (within a set boundary) and then right into the slalom (B). My diagram is a bit messed up but you get the point. You could start the slalom on any side you wanted. Once out of the slalom it was through the two cones at the bottom of the screen (D) and then back to the start at (A) for one more run of it. On the second run they have you pull through the cones (D) and stop facing the opposite direction that you have been going.

Part C

Accelerating, turn, quick stop

Now facing the other direction (A) you take off and turn through a set of cones (B), then accelerate up to ~ 20 – 25 km/hr up and do a smooth turn (C) and accelerate up to 25 km/hr (D) in preparation for a quick stop. The examiner stands at the bottom set of cones and drops a hand when you are to brake. They were letting people do this loop two times (not sure if that is normal, maybe it was just because the pavement was quite wet).

At the end you stop and review your results.

I’m sure the test is a bit different all the time but this gives you an idea of what to expect. You could also call the office and see what days the run the tests and stop by to have a look at what people are doing.

Now lots of more practice and I will give the road test a crack.

“Egg Nog” Arugula Smoothie

12 Apr

So I went to the farmer’s market the other day and bought some really nice arugula for a bunny I’ve been feeding that hangs around outside our house. Yes I do realize how spoiled the bunny is…but it is pretty much the cutest thing ever…and it apparently loves arugula, so it works out.

Tasty looking arugula! (photo by Suat Eman)

I used some of the arugula in an experimental smoothie. It ended up being pretty damn good with almost an egg noggy characteristic to it.

Here’s what I put together:

1-2 oranges
1 banana
vanilla yogurt
soy milk
a little bit of agave syrup
ground ginger and nutmeg to taste

Blend well until the arugula is well mixed in and the smoothie has a bit of a frothy texture. Admittedly hardcore egg nog fans might scoff but I think it is a decent healthy variation! Enjoy!!

Pretty Wicked Lady

5 Apr

If you’re feeling a little sluggish on this Tuesday and need some inspiration check out this lady, Roz Savage.

Breadless Benny

1 Apr

After the week of raw experiment I’ve been noticing that certain foods really tend to bog me down. Bread is definitely one of them. So this morning using the ingredients that were in the fridge I came up with a simple Eggs Benny with no bread like substance.

A delicious Eggs Benny on a bed of zucchini

-Purple Onion
-Pesto Sauce
-Tiny bit of mayo


1. I used a julienne peeler to make the bed of zucchini – if you don’t have a julienne peeler it is a very worthwhile addition to your kitchen (I hate useless kitchen gadgetry but this is good!)
2. Chop up purple onion and add a little to the bed of zucchini
3. Slice an avocado and a small tomato. Arrange on bed of zucchini.
4. Poach eggs
5. Make sauce of your choice. I used a some pesto and mayo (would have preferred to use plain yogurt but we’re out!)
6. Enjoy! I paired this with a mango, orange, banana, kale, hemp smoothie which was awesome!! Recipe to follow.