Why is this blog in front of you? Simple. I wanted to share my kitchen creations and passion for eating healthy (for the most part!), tasty and fun food. My philosophy isn’t to perfect a recipe but to keep it open for alteration to suit your mood and taste. I hope that you will find these recipes a good place to start and make some amazing creations of your own! Please share your mods to the recipes in the comments section as I would love to see what yummy stuff you experiment with.

Second reason this blog exists. Adventure Time. If you haven’t seen Adventure Time with Finn and Jake you need to check it out…Lumpy Space Princess is amazing. Cartoon aside we have stolen the idea of “Adventure Time” for our life. What the heck does that mean? Treat every day like an adventure. Do something that excites you, makes you a tad bit uncomfortable, something that you’ve always wanted to try or simply stuff that makes you happy! So check out the Adventure Time section to see what kind of trouble we are getting into – house surfing, raw food, learning to ride a motorcycle, travel and lots of other goodies.

Now for the obligatory about me stuff:

I love variety so I have experimented with different paths – from working with sewage, to chasing birds, to my current gig as a high school science teacher. I have spent a great deal of time cooking and researching food but I am so pleased that I don’t know it all – that’s why it is still interesting! I look forward to learning more from you!!

My co-adventurer is also an awesome cook and recipe tweaker. He is a currently a game developer with a beautiful office at home…that’s his big adventure right now – taking the leap from a career he found totally uninspiring to creating something of his own that he loves.
May update: co-adventurer has decided to take a little hiatus from the position of co-adventurer…hopefully he will resume the position….


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