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“Egg Nog” Arugula Smoothie

12 Apr

So I went to the farmer’s market the other day and bought some really nice arugula for a bunny I’ve been feeding that hangs around outside our house. Yes I do realize how spoiled the bunny is…but it is pretty much the cutest thing ever…and it apparently loves arugula, so it works out.

Tasty looking arugula! (photo by Suat Eman)

I used some of the arugula in an experimental smoothie. It ended up being pretty damn good with almost an egg noggy characteristic to it.

Here’s what I put together:

1-2 oranges
1 banana
vanilla yogurt
soy milk
a little bit of agave syrup
ground ginger and nutmeg to taste

Blend well until the arugula is well mixed in and the smoothie has a bit of a frothy texture. Admittedly hardcore egg nog fans might scoff but I think it is a decent healthy variation! Enjoy!!


Breadless Benny

1 Apr

After the week of raw experiment I’ve been noticing that certain foods really tend to bog me down. Bread is definitely one of them. So this morning using the ingredients that were in the fridge I came up with a simple Eggs Benny with no bread like substance.

A delicious Eggs Benny on a bed of zucchini

-Purple Onion
-Pesto Sauce
-Tiny bit of mayo


1. I used a julienne peeler to make the bed of zucchini – if you don’t have a julienne peeler it is a very worthwhile addition to your kitchen (I hate useless kitchen gadgetry but this is good!)
2. Chop up purple onion and add a little to the bed of zucchini
3. Slice an avocado and a small tomato. Arrange on bed of zucchini.
4. Poach eggs
5. Make sauce of your choice. I used a some pesto and mayo (would have preferred to use plain yogurt but we’re out!)
6. Enjoy! I paired this with a mango, orange, banana, kale, hemp smoothie which was awesome!! Recipe to follow.

Friday Raw – Olive Tapenade, Flax Crackers, Everyday Raw Smoothies

26 Mar

So it’s March 26…and this post was supposed to be for March 11. Life can get a bit crazy as we all know…not going to go into the details now but definitely an interesting time in my life.

Down to business – the last day of the raw week involved using up a lot of leftovers! I couldn’t believe how much food the recipes made and how full (and awesome) I always felt. I don’t think I cooked half of the recipes that I set out too for that very reason!!!

I picked up a copy of Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney at the library to check out his style of raw cooking.

Decided to make a smoothie that combined some interesting flavours – The Muscle. It was pretty tasty but not something I would want to drink every morning it felt a bit heavy but there are lots of other smoothie recipes that look amazing. He has a great simple approach to raw cooking which beginners like me definitely appreciate.

For the final day I also put together an Olive Tapenade and Flax Cracker combination to compliment the leftovers. Both recipes were from The Best of Raw Food and both were great. I really enjoyed the olive tapenade it was so easy to make and had a really nice taste and texture.

These crackers were great - the fruit really evened the flavour

So in summary – raw is fabulous and I will most definitely be incorporating it into my regular diet!
Things I would like to have to better my raw kitchen – a Vitamix blender and food processor. My $50 dehydrator definitely stood the test but it would be interesting to see how a better model would perform. The other new tool I found super useful was a julienne peeler. All in all a very worthwhile experience : )

Raw Oatmeal! Who knew?!

10 Mar

I discovered an amazing breakfast this morning thanks to Raw Food Nation, raw oatmeal:

Fast, delicious and nutritious start to the day...and it's Raw!

Make sure you check out their site for the how to – so easy you’ll love it!


7 Mar

Monday. Here we go. Did most of the prep yesterday as today’s meals needed some dehydrating to complete.

Breakfast was super easy to make. I made a slight change to the Brazil Nut-Banana Pancakes – instead of using Brazil nuts I used almonds as I forgot to pick up Brazils! I didn’t add any water either. It called for a cup of water but it didn’t seem to need it.

Prep'd pancakes ready for dehydrating

The Eggplant Bacon I made according to the recipe but ending up dehydrating it a bit longer than the recipe called for (probably because my dehydrator is a bit ghetto).

Eggplant Bacon on its way to dehydration

So that’s what it looked like on Sunday….here’s what the finished product looked like today:

First official raw breakfast

I topped the pancakes with a bit of leftover fruit salad from the weekend.

Thoughts on breakfast:

We both enjoyed it!
Eggplant bacon tastes nothing like bacon (surprise, surprise) but was actually quite tasty. Might try seasoning differently in the future.
The pancakes were delicious but definitely needed some kind of fruit on top to make it a bit more interesting.

Lunch was also prepared the day before as the Hemp Sun Burgers needed time to vacation in the dehydrator.
Very easy to assemble!

I made a few changes to the recipe. I added some extra seasoning (garlic powder and poultry seasoning) to give it a bit more flavour. I didn’t have any hemp seeds so I substituted with ground up almonds. It called for 1/2 cup of water but I only seemed to need about 1/4 cup to make it sticky enough to form patties.

It doesn’t look too much different but here’s the ‘after’ photo:

The UnHemp Sun Burgers...not that I have anything against hemp...just none in the cupboards : )

Thoughts on lunch:

Delish! Filling and lots of flavour – definitely a make again.

For dinner we tried the two different types of sushi – Mango-Macadamia Nut Maki and Marinated Shiitake Mushroom Rolls.

My attempt at maki...need a bit more practice! But still oh so tasty!!

Thoughts on dinner:

Both were fabulous and the sushi ‘rice’ made from turnips and cashews was pretty damn tasty! All the tastiness of sushi without that gluey rice feeling. Relatively easy to make I just really need to work on my maki rolling skills!! No harder to do than with rice though so there’s hope.

All in all a fabulous start to the week. I went for a spin class this afternoon and had a ton of energy…best workout in a while – still not sure if that was due to the fact I was angry at the world this afternoon or the food switch…