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Turbo Turkey Burgers

11 May

This recipe takes turkey burgers to a whole new level. I am always amazed at the interesting combinations that my partner in crime is able to put together with great success.

This turkey looks a bit frantic...don't worry I mean TURBO in a good way!

We’ve done a few different versions of these burgers (using dates, herbed cheese, other goodies) but here is the latest iteration:

Busted up corn nuts (1 1/2 cups)
Little Qualicum Cheeseworks – Plain white soft cheese (1/3 cup)
2 packages of ground turkey
Chopped candied ginger (1/3 – 1/2 cup, make sure you buy a little extra because it is so good you’ll be sneaking a few pieces while you’re cooking!)
1 egg
Oats to get desired consistency

Grill on BBQ with BBQ sauce
Serve with avocado and sautéed onion (in butter and maple syrup)

Again feel free to modify based on your flavour preferences and what you have available in the fridge!


Epic Potato Salad (aka Fatty Fat Potato Salad)

25 Apr

As you can deduce from the title this is NOT a healthy recipe – but it is epic!
Put together by my partner in crime and his good friend this potato salad is amazing and easy to make.

This recipe makes great use of Hawkins Cheezies (a favourite with Canadians and Angelina Jolie).

I think she would enjoy our potato salad too!

What you will need:

-white and red little potatoes
-olive oil
-seasoning for potatoes (oregano, thyme, paprika)
– red onion
– a little bit of maple syrup
– sweet pickle mix
– Hawkins cheezies
– green onion
– mayo
– optional: hard boiled eggs, bacon (we didn’t put this in but thought it would be a nice addition)

How to put it together:

1. Thickly slice the potatoes – coat with olive oil and toss with seasoning.
2. Wrap seasoned potatoes in foil and roast on the BBQ until cooked but slightly firm.
3. Chop onion and sauté in olive oil and maple syrup until caramelized.
4. Chop up sweet pickle mix (the one with the little onions, pickles and cauliflower).
5. Chop Hawkins Cheezies.
6. Chop green onion.
7. Put potatoes and all other ingredients in a large bowl and mix. Add mayo.
8. Mix up, chow down and have your defibrillator ready.

Easy Lunch – Kale and Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Sausage Soup

28 Mar

Lunch is probably my least favourite meal…because I usually pack such a crappy lunch when I get a call out. So I’m trying to think of a few things that are quick and easy but also non crappy. Here’s one of my favourite soup recipes so far, it can of course be eaten for dinner too!

Kale and Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Sausage Soup

Kale and Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Sausage Soup

1-2 tbsp. olive oil
1 onion – chopped
2-3 cloves of garlic – minced
4 turkey sausages (I like the Sun-Dried Tomato ones I can get at our farm market) – chopped up
1 bunch of kale – chopped
1 tomato – chopped
1 carton of chicken broth (~900 mL)
2 cans white kidney beans (drained and rinsed)
seasoning (I usually use a bit of oregano, garlic powder, salt)

Assembly instructions:

1. Brown turkey sausage
2. Add onion and garlic and cook till transparent
3. Add kale, tomato, beans, chicken broth and seasoning
4. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 min

If you like a saucier soup then add a bit more broth or water and blend one can of the beans in a food processor (or mash with a potato masher) and then add to soup mixture.

Hump Day’s Raw Events

10 Mar

So mid week raw yesterday and still feeling great. Woke up not particularly hungry so decided to scrap the planned meal and just make a green smoothie. It totally hit the spot. The lunch that was planned was also scrapped because there was so much left over from the night before! The nachos were still super tasty on the second day as were the wraps. I just left the ingredients unassembled until lunch so they didn’t go soggy!

Went for my hard spin class of the week and had the strongest workout I’ve had in a while – go go gadget energy from good food! Love it.

Ok so dinner I actually made something from the menu Raw Pizza from Rawmazing:

My modified version of raw pizza from Rawmazing

So so good! The recipe looked a bit intimidating but it was actually very simple to prepare. I didn’t preplan enough time to sprout the buckwheat so I made a tomato based crust from Ani Phyo’s cook book. I would love to try it again with the buckwheat though.

The marinated mushrooms and onions are fantastic! Like jizz in your pants good. I used portabella mushrooms which were very flavorful.

The marinara sauce I also modified a bit as I didn’t have sundried tomatoes on hand so I just used fresh tomatoes instead and threw in a orange pepper as well. With the moisture from the tomatoes I didn’t need to add any water.

The spinach walnut pesto blew my mind! Super easy to put together and very tasty. The cashew cheese was also great. I didn’t actually soak my cashews (again my timing was off) but added just a bit of water so they would blend better.

Oh yeah and I don’t have a food processor yet so I did it all in my blender (that’s why the pesto isn’t fully pesto like)….so I know it would be even better if I had the right equipment! Again we have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and maybe then some!


7 Mar

Monday. Here we go. Did most of the prep yesterday as today’s meals needed some dehydrating to complete.

Breakfast was super easy to make. I made a slight change to the Brazil Nut-Banana Pancakes – instead of using Brazil nuts I used almonds as I forgot to pick up Brazils! I didn’t add any water either. It called for a cup of water but it didn’t seem to need it.

Prep'd pancakes ready for dehydrating

The Eggplant Bacon I made according to the recipe but ending up dehydrating it a bit longer than the recipe called for (probably because my dehydrator is a bit ghetto).

Eggplant Bacon on its way to dehydration

So that’s what it looked like on Sunday….here’s what the finished product looked like today:

First official raw breakfast

I topped the pancakes with a bit of leftover fruit salad from the weekend.

Thoughts on breakfast:

We both enjoyed it!
Eggplant bacon tastes nothing like bacon (surprise, surprise) but was actually quite tasty. Might try seasoning differently in the future.
The pancakes were delicious but definitely needed some kind of fruit on top to make it a bit more interesting.

Lunch was also prepared the day before as the Hemp Sun Burgers needed time to vacation in the dehydrator.
Very easy to assemble!

I made a few changes to the recipe. I added some extra seasoning (garlic powder and poultry seasoning) to give it a bit more flavour. I didn’t have any hemp seeds so I substituted with ground up almonds. It called for 1/2 cup of water but I only seemed to need about 1/4 cup to make it sticky enough to form patties.

It doesn’t look too much different but here’s the ‘after’ photo:

The UnHemp Sun Burgers...not that I have anything against hemp...just none in the cupboards : )

Thoughts on lunch:

Delish! Filling and lots of flavour – definitely a make again.

For dinner we tried the two different types of sushi – Mango-Macadamia Nut Maki and Marinated Shiitake Mushroom Rolls.

My attempt at maki...need a bit more practice! But still oh so tasty!!

Thoughts on dinner:

Both were fabulous and the sushi ‘rice’ made from turnips and cashews was pretty damn tasty! All the tastiness of sushi without that gluey rice feeling. Relatively easy to make I just really need to work on my maki rolling skills!! No harder to do than with rice though so there’s hope.

All in all a fabulous start to the week. I went for a spin class this afternoon and had a ton of energy…best workout in a while – still not sure if that was due to the fact I was angry at the world this afternoon or the food switch…

Green Goodness Pasta

3 Mar

We don’t eat pasta very often but when we do we like to go all out. This dish gives you the luxury of a creamy sauce with substantially less fat and still loads of taste. Best of all it can be made on a week night (it may have taken me 30 min to put this together after spin class…and I wasn’t moving very fast!). If you want to serve with a glass of wine and some candles it is a beautiful meal to share.

Here’s what you will need:

Veggies – I chose broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus
olive oil
1/2 onion
spinach pasta noodles
a few Tbsp. of flour (I used whole wheat)
a couple Tbsp. of pesto sauce
1 can 2% evaporated milk
1 jar marinated artichoke hearts (drained)
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
fresh basil roughly chopped

How to assemble:

1. Steam the broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus until tender crisp (~ 5 minutes)
2. Cook the pasta noodles according to directions
3. While the noodles are cooking heat the olive oil and saute the garlic, mushrooms, onion, season with a bit of salt and pepper
4. Add the flour and saute for a minute, stir in milk and pesto sauce let simmer for a few minutes
5. Add steamed veggies, artichokes, parmesan cheese cook 1 min more stir in fresh basil and serve with toasted pistachios on top!

This made a ton of food – we got a number of meals out of it. Tastes even better the next night!