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Friday Raw – Olive Tapenade, Flax Crackers, Everyday Raw Smoothies

26 Mar

So it’s March 26…and this post was supposed to be for March 11. Life can get a bit crazy as we all know…not going to go into the details now but definitely an interesting time in my life.

Down to business – the last day of the raw week involved using up a lot of leftovers! I couldn’t believe how much food the recipes made and how full (and awesome) I always felt. I don’t think I cooked half of the recipes that I set out too for that very reason!!!

I picked up a copy of Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney at the library to check out his style of raw cooking.

Decided to make a smoothie that combined some interesting flavours – The Muscle. It was pretty tasty but not something I would want to drink every morning it felt a bit heavy but there are lots of other smoothie recipes that look amazing. He has a great simple approach to raw cooking which beginners like me definitely appreciate.

For the final day I also put together an Olive Tapenade and Flax Cracker combination to compliment the leftovers. Both recipes were from The Best of Raw Food and both were great. I really enjoyed the olive tapenade it was so easy to make and had a really nice taste and texture.

These crackers were great - the fruit really evened the flavour

So in summary – raw is fabulous and I will most definitely be incorporating it into my regular diet!
Things I would like to have to better my raw kitchen – a Vitamix blender and food processor. My $50 dehydrator definitely stood the test but it would be interesting to see how a better model would perform. The other new tool I found super useful was a julienne peeler. All in all a very worthwhile experience : )