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7 Reasons to Travel on Your Own

4 Jul

Having problems finding people with the same time off or wanting the same style of experience? Are you thinking of going it alone? I say go for it! You won’t regret it!! I found myself recently single and wanting a change of pace with some travel…but no one wanting to do the same thing or with the same time off. I thought it over and planned a trip that was still exactly what I wanted to do but a bit more conducive to traveling alone. I found a whole bunch of bonuses to going it alone that might appeal to you too:

Let's be honest...not everyone is going to want to do this! So traveling alone is an excellent option : )

1. You can do what you want, when you want! If you feel like eating at some out there raw food restaurant or clubbing till 4 am or gazing at the stars just a little longer you can!
2. Easier to meet people – people aren’t intimidated to come up and talk to a single girl. You are also more likely to strike up conversations with someone new when you aren’t conversing with someone already!
3. Time to reflect.
4. Time to remember who you are.
5. Slide into places with ease – single seats are often still available at shows or for transportation etc., dodge lineups at clubs, find a cute little table on a patio.
6. You can use all the pillows. 🙂
7. Confidence soars. You are navigating a new place and new adventures completely on your own steam…makes you feel good!

In the next few days I’m going to set aside some time to write about what I did to give solo adventurers a taste of one potential adventure.