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Prep for Road Test

27 May

I kind of get a little OCD when I am learning new things…which I guess isn’t necessarily a terrible thing since learning anything does require attention and practice. As a teacher, I have come across students who say that can’t learn something but haven’t actually even put any attention or practice onto what they are trying to learn or understand. Go figure. Then again maybe they shouldn’t even be learning things that they aren’t inspired to spend time on – oh education system how you baffle me. Anyways enough ranting about that. Road test prep.

I went for a decent ride almost every evening that the weather was cooperative. I started out on roads that were fairly quiet in terms of traffic and chaos yet challenging in terms of curves and speed. At the same time I continued practicing my basic low speed maneuvers and emergency stops for a few minutes before I headed out. I moved more into town at the start of the month and then worked into riding in heavier traffic situations. It is an obvious progression but make sure you do this!! Master what it feels like to go through corners, intersections etc. first and then jump into heavier traffic (that sounds terrible please don’t do that). Again I LOVED every minute of practicing so it wasn’t hard to be motivated. I find riding is kind of similar to the feeling I used to get while skiing (I haven’t done this in years since I was in a car accident and needed spine surgery). I will get out there again soon though just need to work on strengthening a bit more first! This has kind of been my getting over the fear of being in an accident self therapy too.

I had my road test date booked basically since I passed my skills test so about one week before my test date I booked a road assessment. I HIGHLY recommend that you do book your road test after you pass your skills test so that you stay on track to get your license. I have met so many people who have started the process and then stopped and started over again due to lack of commitment. Basic Parkinson’s Law. I wanted to take a few private lessons with a different company but they would not do it unless you had taken their novice courses or already had your full license. So I booked a road assessment with Learn to Ride after reading some reviews online that made me a bit skeptical I figured I might as well give it a go and decide for myself.

It was super easy and convenient for me to book a time for the assessment. I met up with the instructor in a parking lot close to my home and we talked over a few basic techniques and went through how the assessment would go and where we would ride. We spent about an hour riding in short stints followed by discussion of what he noticed or pointers for the road test. I found it to be quite helpful. He had some good suggestions about lane positioning that I incorporated right away. We went through basically all the situations that I would encounter on the road test and although it really wasn’t anything new I felt a lot more confident after this experience. At the end he said I should definitely pass – unless I missed a speed zone sign or something like that. I know that I already have good driving habits from taking Young Drivers years ago for my car license and a lot of what I learned there crosses over to riding. I am happy with my choice to just buy a bike and learn on my own rather than take a course. I think this is a viable option for people who already have some basic training in road safety and those who are willing to do a bit of reading and LOTS of practice on the road. That said I do definitely want to take a more advanced course. I am comfortable that I have covered the basics but would like some guidance with the next step and more complicated safety maneuvers. Riding is one of those things that you can always get better at – which is something I find attractive about it!

**SIDE NOTE: I was told by the instructor that I couldn’t get my full license if I did my road test on the 125. I double checked into it before taking my test and this is NOT true. You can take your road test on a 125. You will not be restricted to riding a bike under 200 cc. The only restriction you will have is no passengers which was fine with me ( I don’t want any anyways!) but I know this would be a deal breaker for some people. I called the general ICBC number and they told me I couldn’t get a full license with a 125 but the lady didn’t seem to know what she was talking about. So I called my local branch and asked the road test booking desk. The said yes you could but no passengers, no limit on bike size. I had them confirm with their supervisor and it checked out. Not sure if it varies with location so call your local branch if you want to confirm!!**